Mada Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Tire pressure gauges, air chucks, air pumps, wheel covers, tire tools, pneumatic tools

Mada Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1983, has developed into a veteran company specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality and innovative tire pressure gauges and air chucks which are globally marketed under the firm's popular "MADA" brand.

With the support of strong know-how in mechanical engineering, product development, and innovation, Mada supplies a wide range of products including tire gauges and air chucks for balls, bicycles (the firm's patented bicycle air chucks meet Schrader / Dunlop and Presta Valve), motorcycles, all kinds of other wheeled vehicles and equipment (especially passenger cars and engineering vehicles), and aircraft. Company officials say that all their products are patented in Taiwan, Japan, China, and other countries.

Mada stresses that it insists on supplying professional, high-quality, and durable products, and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction backed by the stringent pre-delivery quality-control (QC) inspections which have helped to build a solid reputation and trust among customers worldwide. Mada's products are widely popular with customers in more than 40 nations.

The firm recently launched a new product, patented in Taiwan, Japan, and China: a multifunctional (inflating, deflating, and pressure measuring) tire pressure gauge. The cylinder-type gauge features several outstanding advantages over Bourdon- and diaphragm-type models: the ability to withstand pressure up to 350 psi, a self-protection function, adjustable design, and replaceable parts. Further, it is available with replaceable, easy-to-change pump adaptors and air chucks in Schrader / Dunlop and Presta Valves, making it suitable for tires of all types of vehicles, equipment, and even aircraft.

In addition to mass-produced standardized tire gauges and air chucks, Mada says it also takes original equipment manufacturing (OEM) orders for 1,000 or more pieces. The company promises that it will continue to devote its efforts to product innovation, and will update its company website to provide the latest information on its product offerings.