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Mada Enterprise Co., Ltd., inaugurated in 1997 in New Taipei City, northern Taiwan, is a specialized maker of pressure gauges and air pumps for automotives and other vehicles.

Among the company's proudest products, the multifunctional tire gauge with a high-pressure meter features a durable meter that can withstand 2-3 times standard pressure when overloaded. Plus, all metal parts of the gauge, tire valves, extensions and pump adaptors are made of high-grade aluminum alloy for unbeatable structural strength.

The multifunctional tire gauge features replaceable, easy-to-change pump adaptors and tire valves in both French and American specifications, suitable for tires of bicycles, motorcycles, sedan cars, trucks, shovels and related heavy-duty vehicles. The gauge is also friendly and cost-efficient to DIY users, because the gauge's meter is firm and repairable with spare parts.

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